Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Christmas Time

These pictures are from the time we came home from the hospital when Lila was born until the day after Christmas. Yes, they are a little dated, but better late than never.
We had a great Christmas. We went to Nana and Papa's house on Christmas Eve and Judson had a great time playing with Abby and entertaining Daddy George and Mama Lillian. Lila made her first road trip and slept most of the time. Uncle Brent wanted to hold her and Abby couldn't figure out why she couldn't touch the baby. Judson and Lila got lots of nice presents at Nana's house.
On Christmas Day Judson woke up to find a train set that Santa had brought him. He had a great time playing trains with Daddy. Judson also liked seeing what was in his stocking. Of course, Lila had a stocking too and she even tried to get in it. Lila got lots of baby dolls this Christmas. I think every one wanted to give her her first baby doll. Later that day Grandmother and Granddaddy came with more presents. Judson was so excited! He helped carry them in from the car. Not only did he get to open all the presents to him, he also got to open Lila's and Mommy's. He had a field day. It was a wonderful holiday and I enjoyed watching Judson have so much fun. Hopefully one day soon we can stop listening to Christmas music!!!

Uncle Kirk and Aunt Tara came to visit with Courtlyn and Carrigan the day after Christmas. Lila and Carrigan had to have there picture made together because they are going to be best buds.

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Friday, January 4, 2008


Dr. Hamilton just left our room and has released Lila from the hospital. HURRAY!!! This is our 8th day and we are ready to go home. Lila is obviously much improved but is still not 100%. It usually takes another 3-4 days before she is totally rid of the virus. Lila got great care and medical attention and we feel blessed for that, but hopefully we won't see this place ever again.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


A.M. Dr. gave Lila some very positive feed back. Dr. felt like we were on the recovery side of the virus. While, she is still having some crackling noises in her lungs, it seems to be improving. In order to go home Lila must begin coming off of the oxygen. We have reduced her oxygen by half and she is responding extrememly well. So well that we've reduced it again. Her heart rate is down and her O2 Sats are staying high. She is not laboring to breath hardly at all. It has been her most peaceful day by far. The nurses that saw her a couple of days ago are very impressed with the progress she has made. Hopefully we will be home soon!! She does have to be completely off Oxygen for at least 24 straight hours before being released. If we don't get her off today, we should start tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers.